Jeff, Ben, Sam and I have been operating in Hull, on Nantasket Beach for the past 13 years. Hull's Kitchen opened with 19 seats, and has grown to seat 36! Despite this growth. we still had a long wait time on beautiful summer nights and we knew we were disappointing many regulars and new customers alike.

The feedback around our simple beach shack was incredible,

BUT the wait time for our customers grew too long.


We decided to open HK Too (Hulls Kitchen also) in June of 2017. 

Jeff and I moved over to HK Too, and our son Ben took over 

Hulls Kitchen. 

We are thrilled to still see a lot of familiar faces and to also have met many new people.  We work hard to accomplish our vision of providing quality, simply prepared food and drink, in an open-air space, with a casual, laid back vibe. 

We believe good vibes can change the world.

Come see us in Hull, we think you'll be glad you did!

-Jeff, Jane, Ben, and Sam